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Welcome to my fitness site, which has captured my tips, techniques, and secrets to living a healthy and happy lifestyle at any age. While living in the Napa Valley, I am fortunate to partake in all that this valley affords – sunshine, fresh food, wine, etc. I own and run a high-end exclusive winery, enjoy fabulous restaurants, and, thanks to our lovely weather, I have turned my outdoor gym into my at-home sanctuary, which helped me turn my passion for fitness into my newest career adventure.

I want this website to inspire you

to achieve what you want in life. Being healthy takes dedication and perseverance to get the results you want. However, I want to let you know it is OK to indulge in the “less healthy” things in life. You can have a glass of wine or piece of chocolate, you can still maintain a career while dedicating yourself to working out, and you can find time to be a wife and a mother. I know you can have it all because I am speaking from experience.

I have workouts, sample weekly menus, playlists, nutrition advice, and blogs on all lifestyle topics to offer you.

Join Susan Hoff Fitness today and let me inspire you.

“Susan Hoff exemplifies hard work and discipline! Her strong work ethic combined with her thirst for knowledge has resulted in an extraordinary physique! Especially since she is not 20 years old anymore, but any 20-year-old would be lucky to achieve the physique Susan has. Also, Susan has managed to develop and maintain this physique while being an active mother of two children, a supportive wife, a busy business owner running a winery, and competing at a professional level in the world of physique competitions! Susan has many secrets to share with you, including time management, workout and diet secrets, and how to live an extraordinary and well-balanced life!”

– Jason Ellis, Jason Ellis Photography

“I’ve recently said, ‘Life is the balance of philosophy and getting shit done.’ Most people are one of two things: they are either thinkers with little action or doers with no plan. Susan is an Olympic-grade gymnast when it comes to balancing both. I have had the pleasure of being her trainer and friend since 2007. I have seen her achieve amazing results in the gym while being a CEO for the Best Buy Foundation, a mother to two amazing young adults, a proprietor for a successful winery, while also becoming a certified personal trainer, and immersing herself in the world of fitness and nutrition as a professional bodybuilder. The lifestyle and ambition she has created for herself is more than noteworthy. Her stories, tools, tips, and insight, I feel, will help people find that perfect balance between philosophy and getting shit done!”

– Donavan Almond, Donavan’s Wellness Solution

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