9 Tips to Motivate You & Make Your Workout More Fun

Ahh, Monday… we meet again! Whether you loathe or love the start of the week, I think we all can agree that sometimes a little Monday motivation goes a long way and doing something fun can be a serious mood booster.

This week, I want to encourage you to add some fun into your workout. Check out my tips to add a twist to your Mondays.

Here are 9 tips to make your workout more fun:

  • Listen to the music: Pick a new playlist or genre of music to change the mood. Here’s what I’m listening to on Spotify, check it out!

  • Get friendly: Grab a buddy or your significant other if you usually work out alone to help motivate each other.

  • Break it up: Instead of powering through 30 minutes of straight cardio,  try two 15 minute tabata sessions to elevate your heart rate and burn more calories.

  • Change your outfit: Add a pop of color if you normally wear black, try capris instead of leggings, or switch out your shoelaces.

  • Do your hair: If you’re always rocking a topknot or messy ponytail, try some fun braids or twists – functional and cute! I personally love a good ponytail, it keeps the hair out of my eyes.

  • Explore the great outdoors: Taking your workout from the gym and getting outdoors is a great way to change the scenery and get some vitamin D. You can also find a bench along the way to add in some decline pushups.

  • Learn something new: Instead of listening to music, try streaming a TED Talk or a podcast to keep you engaged and inspired.

  • Stay plugged in: No need to leave your phone behind. Take a selfie while you are working out to inspire others to do the same. Don’t forget to label it #StartAHealthyHabit.

  • Switch gyms: If you’re able to, go to another location of your gym or ask a buddy for a pass to their gym. You’ll change locations and meet new people.


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