Don’t turn a cold shoulder to this fashion trend.

Although most of us are still in the thick of winter and still layering up for the cold, we shouldn’t forget that warmer weather and fewer layers are just around the corner. This is important to keep in mind since off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are one of the “it” trends for Spring 2017. Off-the-shoulder fashion was rocked on the runway by Prabal Gurung, Self Portrait, and Rodarte just to name a few. You will also see this shoulder movement in edgy cutouts from designers such as CG, Monse, Vetements, and Tibi.

Shoulders are a very flattering part of the body and this trend can be worn by women of any age. Off-the-shoulder wardrobe items adds a sex appeal to your look without being “risky” and the best part: the look can be achieved with pre-existing items in your closet. One simple way to do this is taking a regular, boring t-shirt, tie a knot at one side and then let the opposite side slip down off your shoulder… woolah, instant upgrade!

Did I mention that off the shoulder tops go with any outfit? You can wear an off-the-shoulder top with flared jeans for a vintage vibe, layer over a button down for a trendy workplace look, or grab a flowy, lace top for a great bathing suit coverup when you’re on the beach; the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, they are also great for accessorizing your favorite long necklace or statement piece.

One of the perks and rewards to my commitment to fitness year-round is that I am fashion ready for whatever trend is coming my way. If you need to get your shoulders in shape for this hot trend, go to my Shoulder Series Workout at SusanHoff.Fitness. Fashion has no limits, so stay committed with me so you too can rock any and all trends your favorite designer is inspired by.

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