Feel Good, Look Good: The Bare Bones of Bone Broth

Bone broth, I am sure you have heard it mentioned over the past few months as this “super food” is becoming more popular by the minute. Chalked full of nutrients that benefit you both internally and externally, you could write a lengthy essay on everything it has to offer. Chances are if you are still reading this blog, your interest in this liquid gold are similar to mine as a bodybuilder and competitor. So let me highlight some of my favorite reasons why I love this product and how you can work it into your household routine.   

As an athlete, I enjoy a lot of added benefits from drinking bone broth. Amino acids such as proline and glutamine are present which aid in keeping joints and muscles flexible as well as contribute to building muscle mass when your body cannot produce enough naturally during an intense workout. These powerful amino acids also help reduce inflammation enabling better joint recovery. Bone broth provides a natural source of calcium to help strengthen bones which is vital for anyone, not just athletes.

It goes without saying, our appearance is a reflection of the care we put into our body. I sip and savor bone broth to improve my internal health, but like most, I also enjoy the benefits of feeling good about the way I look and feel after eating something inherently good for me. Bone broth is full of collagen, protein, magnesium, etc. all of which help with your skin, hair, and even anti-aging elements. At my age, or any age frankly, who wouldn’t want that?! It’s been said that drinking bone broth can fight wrinkles and cellulite, strengthen hair, nails, and teeth; and even help reduce acne and scarring. Think back to all the beauty products you have bought. I bet you could clean out a cabinet in your bathroom – gain some much needed storage space and just start drinking this natural product while enjoying all it’s benefits – without having to decipher the bottle directions or worry about timing. Sign me up!!

If that’s not all the reason to start drinking this liquid gold, this Paleo-friendly broth allows you to get minerals that are not common in most of the food you eat. It is a primal recipe that has been a staple in our ancestral development. Bone broth should be a constant in your house. You can make it or buy it. Traditionally, it’s prepared from most animals; however, the younger the animal, the more gelatin you will find in the bones. Therefore, veal bones would be the most beneficial. It is always nice to make broth in large batches, so you always have it handy. It does take time, but not a lot of attention, so you can prepare it while you are doing other things. If you decide to bypass the cooking, look for the organic and grass fed variety in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. Keep in mind, you’re a reflection of what you eat – quality does matter! Believe me, you are worth it!

For those looking to make bone broth at home try this recipe.


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