Habits – Everyone has Them, Make Yours Desirable!

If you’re reading here, I think it’s safe to assume that you’re either thinking about starting a new healthy habit or looking for ways to improve your health. So, congratulations, you’ve already taken the first step to becoming a healthier, more positive you!

Welcome to Susan Hoff Fitness – my little corner of the internet dedicated to fitness, nutrition, fashion, travel and more. You can learn more about me in my Q&A, but the reason I started this program is to share my secrets with you to help you live a healthy, balanced life full of inspiring things to do, wear or even accomplish.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it takes earth shattering events to make a change and thankfully, sometimes it’s just the quiet little voice in your head whispering for something more. Join in the experience and fill your life with inspiration to become all you were meant to be starting with who you are – one amazing woman who’s ready to start a healthy habit vs. kicking old ones and suffering along the way.  Are you ready?As with any new change, though, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are a few things to consider to make the most out of your new healthy habit.

As with any new change, though, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are a few things to consider to make the most out of your new healthy habit.


  • Carve out time in your schedule. If you don’t have the time or make the time, you won’t commit to your new goals – it’s as simple as that. This doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour a day working out. In fact, you’ll probably want to start out with just a precious 30 minutes, even that can be a big milestone in your already busy schedule. I recommend spending at least 30 minutes a day on physical activity, if all you have is 30 minutes. You can treat this as one 30-minute block, or if necessary, split it up into two 15-minute blocks or even three 10-minute mini-workouts. The most important thing is to fit into your schedule.

  • Set realistic goals. Set yourself up for success. Don’t commit to working out 30 minutes every day when you know your schedule may only accommodate 5 days a week – be realistic and help yourself reach your goals. If you can’t do a pull-up now but want to be able to perform 6, maybe reaching that goal in a few months is a more reasonable goal than achieving it in two weeks. Be honest with yourself. Achieving your goals will make them more meaningful when you know that with dedication you can actually achieve them. Here‘s some ideas for ways to set a goal and make it stick:


      • Reward yourself: Nothing feels better than success. When you reach your goal reward yourself with something special. It could a handbag, a trip to the nail salon, or dinner out with your significant other. Make it count, you earned it.
      • Set positive goals. For example, with food, “I am going to take advantage of the season and eat more fresh strawberries for my dessert, instead of giving up dessert.”
      • Big goals, long term results: Large goals remind me of the Turtle and the Hare fable. Small steps at a constant pace over a period of time can win the race. Set weekly goals to accomplish quarterly goals. This way you can make small changes that add up to a big difference. For example, a few slight changes to your nutrition each week, week over week, can help you accomplish your goals with little pain and fewer sacrifices. There is a reason patience is a virtue 😉


  • Prepare your pantry. Improving your health and well-being isn’t just about working out more often or burning more calories, you also have to make sure you’re giving your body the proper fuel and nutrition it needs to be at it’s best. That begins in the pantry and your trusty refrigerator that you open more often than you brush your teeth. First and foremost eliminate expired, overly processed food that doesn’t fit into your diet.

  • Invest in proper workout gear. Your workout gear includes everything from the clothes and shoes you wear, to the devices you use. This is time that you want to enjoy – make it something you look forward to, not something that stresses you out because something is ripped or out of style, not working properly, or reminds you of something else you need to take care of. Don’t make more work for yourself, enjoy it!

  • Feel good about being in the gym. The gym is not the place to feel insecure! Whether you’re brand new to working out or a seasoned trainer, everyone in the gym is working towards the same goal – improving their health and fitness. If you’re unsure how to use a certain machine or want to learn more about a class, don’t be afraid to ask. I think you’ll quickly find that the gym is its own little community of people striving to be their best and that they’ll readily help you out.

  • Join Susan Hoff Fitness. Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to encourage you to join Susan Hoff Fitness and become a part of our community of women working towards being their best self. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for improving your health and fitness at all levels, pantry checklists and superfoods to put on your radar, my favorite workout playlists and apps, and so much more.


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Let’s start a healthy habit, together!

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