Press Play: Workout with Some Favorite Spotify Playlists

Do you know any of those people who can go for long runs or practice yoga in silence? I am not one of those people. Music pumps me up and keeps me moving throughout my workout. When I get lost in a soundtrack my gym time flies by. Half the fun of working out is listening to a new playlist or discovering one a friend created for you.

Music, much like a fabulous perfume, can take you back to a place in time in a note. I have favorite Spotify lists I workout to when I’m struggling in the gym, when I’m training for a competition, when I’m warming up, or when I simply just need to be in a zone. I create a new list every season… actually probably every month.

I’ve created a Spotify playlist with my favorite lifting tunes and I’ll be sharing a new workout playlist every month to fuel your workouts (or dance party of one). I hope this playlist gives you a little extra boost and motivation to knock out your exercises this week.

What are your favorite songs to workout to? Share them with me so that I can check them out too. Enjoy!

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