How to Survive Super Bowl Sunday

Since Super Bowl Sunday is coming up, I thought the best advice I can give to you this week is how to survive the big game while still having fun, eating the food you enjoy, and not digressing from any progress you have made thus far. Here we go!

Commandment 1: Pregame at the gym

Chances are you won’t want to work out after a day of eating and drinking. Plan your workout for the morning so you will feel less guilty for any indulgences you may choose to enjoy.

Commandment 2: Fuel your body properly before the game

Eating a healthy meal before heading out will curb cravings and leave less room in your stomach for items that may not be the healthiest choice.

Commandment 3: Assess the “playing field”

Don’t load up your plate with the first delicious option, see what else there is you may want. If you know what your options are, you can plan the right portion amount to enjoy it all without overdoing it.

Commandment 4: Remember to alternate key players

Alternating can keep things fresh and can be good for the team. Try to alternate your game day “brewski” for a hard cider. It won’t save you so much in calories, however, it is gluten free!

Commandment 5: Earn your win

For every point your team earns, do one push up.

Commandment 6: Pay for your penalties

For every penalty called on your team, do one burpee per yard. Being held accountable for your team’s errors will make you wish for a clean game.

Commandment 7: Stay Hydrated

Drink one glass of water per adult beverage. This will keep any “hangover” to a minimum and most likely reduce the amount of drinks you will have.

Commandment 8: Use your timeouts

Timeouts during the game are not only for the players. Use this time to assess yourself, your next move, your dining game plan. Are you feeling satisfied? Uncomfortably full? Take this time and really listen to what your body needs, or doesn’t need.

Commandment 9: Make substitutions as needed

Need a snack? Grab a carrot or celery stick instead of the chips for a fun/healthy item to enjoy with dip.

Commandment 10: Take calculated risks

You can indulge, but indulge mindfully. When making a decision you are not sure of be S.M.A.R.T: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Applying this acronym to your eating decisions will help you make conscious decisions that are good for you.



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